Revolving Platform

From an innovative idea the revolving platform was born

Variable revolving speed with potentiometer  from 0.5 to 2 rev./min.
Shockproof in rotation run by mechanical clutch
Only one fastening system by means of lock-in front wheel
Access to platform through comfortable removable running board
Single-phase supply 230V-50/60 Hz
Platform’s voltage 24 Vdc
Equipped with compliant electrical panel and controls
Motorcycle capacity of max 2200-mm wheel axle
Revolving plate’s size 2450x1050x210 h  mm
Max platform capacity 550 kg.
Kerb weight kg. 70
Energy consumption during rotation 70 wh
Possibility of floor anchoring

Materials used
Motor-driven welded and painted steel rotor unit.
Motorcycle rotating plate of industrial aluminium profiles with cage system
Supporting surface of transparent lexan or almond aluminium